About Me

I love developing ideas that make things happen, whether that involves a new business, an enhanced product or an innovative/creative strategy to help something work more efficiently, enter a new market or overcome unanticipated obstacles.


I currently offer business, market and content consulting services as a Principal at the Intelligist Group and marketing and branding services through my firm, the McClimans Group. I’m involved at the board/advisory level with several firms, including Current Analysis, an analytical and competitive/market intelligence firm I founded in 1997. I am also the co-host of the COIL, a weekly podcast focusing on the nexus of business, technical and cultural trends.


My experience includes analyzing businesses, trends, markets and products, figuring out what makes them work, or fail, and developing creative solutions to encourage them to work better. I have direct experience throughout the product life cycle, including development, testing, production, pricing, marketing and support. I’ve started new ventures, raised capital and helped guide firms through corporate partnerships, mergers and acquisitions. I’ve been active in developing strategic business and market influence strategies, social media and marketing/communications campaigns, corporate and product market development, patent/IP development, and corporate contracting (commercial and government).

Speaking and Writing

I enjoy speaking and writing, having published over 200 editorials and articles on technology, business strategies, global trends and disruptive/innovative cycles (published through outlets such as IDG and CNN Online). I’ve also been fortunate to have my work honored by the American Society of Business Publication Editors (ASBPE), earning two Silver Awards for Best Original Online Column. I published my first book on networking in 1991 and hope to have my second out shortly. On the editorial side, I have developed editorial review processes for large online content networks (Current Analysis) and had the opportunity to briefly serve as the acting Business Editor for the 12Most.com publication.

Much of my current writing focuses on the role of influence and disruptive events in business and society, from both technological and human behavior perspectives . In 2011, I was honored to be a contributor to “SHIFT & RESET: Strategies for Addressing Serious Issues in a Connected Society” by Brian Reich (2011, Wiley & Sons).

Recent speaking engagements include:

  • SXSW 13 Focus Roundtable Moderator, on the future of Business Intelligence applications
  • Defense Mobility Summit, Summit Chair
  • Ziff-Davis Roundtable, on Mobile Business and Competitive Intelligence
  • BDI Mobile Social Conference, on Using Mobile to Connect to Consumers
  • Intellifest 2012, on Trust in Digital Systems
  • #140 Montreal, on the state of Pervasive Communications
  • GMU, guest lecturer on Business Strategy, Market Disruption and Innovation

Other Activities

In addition to speaking at conferences, I also presently serve as a member of the Executive Committee for IntelliFest, the International Conference on Reasoning and Practical/Applied AI Technologies. I also co-host an online social media discussion forum (InfluenceChat) that addresses how technologies, business practices and social behavior & causes influence our lives as individuals, corporations, NPO’s, NGO’s, governments and other organized entities. One of the greatest things I enjoy are my guest lectures at George Mason University where, for the past two years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with select students in the Masters and MBA programs, talking about business strategy, market disruption and product/service innovation.


Understanding and leveraging disruptive trends and events; market innovation; business strategies and influence; marketing & awareness campaigns; social media & pervasive communications; community development and collaborative problem solving; competitive intelligence; business partnerships & product/market development; start-ups, funding and acquisitions.



For a complete bio, visit my LinkedIn Profile.

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