Yes, there are some really cool projects that are in the works. Some are more active or further along than others, but collectively they provide a good look at what makes me tick.

The McClimans Group: We live in a world of constant change – the question is: how do we identify these changes and, more importantly, adapt and take advantage of the opportunities they present? The McClimans Group is a business advisory firm designed to help organizations overcome the difficulties and problems that we all face, and not just survive, but grow in times of change.

We work closely with our clients, listening to them and gaining a firm understanding of both their strengths and the issues that they face. Our goal is to collaboratively develop the processes and strategies required to develop increased market influence and growth for our clients, including both start-ups and established firms. We provide both long-term and “need to fix the problem now” advisory services. Leveraging our entrepreneurial and corporate experience, we can provide targeted assistance to organizations in areas such as core business planning and strategy, new opportunity and product development, management and operations support, and competitive and customer intelligence.

2020F: This is an ongoing effort to leverage the global community to help identify disruptive trends and events that shape our world. Our goal is to encourage discussion of these disruptions, to ultimately find ways to minimize the risk and maximize the opportunities that they present — especially in cases where the trends and events taking place may result in long-term risk/opportunity in unrelated global sectors.

Current Analysis: When I launched Current Analysis in 1997, it was the first “online” analytical firm, featuring a structured analytical methodology, an interactive “social media” content distribution system and a focus on delivering rapid, actionable analysis to global IT markets. Current Analysis currently provides competitive intelligence and analytical services to both established (F100) and emerging firms around the world. My role at present is at the Advisor/Board of Directors level.

IntelliFest: I presently serve on the Executive Committee of IntelliFest, an international conference on the development of reasoning and decision (practical AI) technologies. Formerly known as RulesFest, the conference is held annually in San Franscisco, CA.


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