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Kaki King rocks “Pink Noise” (TED video)

Kaki King is one of the finest guitarists alive. Her performances, like this video from TED2008, embrace both a talent and a style that goes beyond music into the realm of art.

Sometimes you listen to an artist and you like what you hear. Kaki is one of those artists.
Other times, you watch an artist and you like what you see. Kaki is one of those artists too.
Her performance here, taped at TED in March of 2008, is as innovative as it is impressive – as is her explanation why every moment is the most important moment ever. You may not like her style (I do), but you have to admit she plays the entire guitar to its limit.

This particular set alternates between a brash, melodic cacophonous sound and a mixture of off-beat rhythms. Enjoy.